Planning Your Next Vacation in Australia

Planning Your Next Vacation in Australia

Exciting Themes That Will Transform Your Hens Night Bus Hire Experience

by Tara Hawkins

When you're organising a hens night, the pressure to make your friend's last party as a single woman is real. If you're using a hens night bus hire service, you're already one step closer to creating an unforgettable earning. To take your efforts a step further, it's worth considering one of the following themes to enhance their party travel experience.

Get the guests singing with a musical theme

From Grease through to Moulin Rouge, musicals around the world have the power to capture imaginations. If you know that your friend loves a particular singalong film, instruct the other guests to don their best costumes and decorate the bus accordingly. Although musicals have a strong female following, guys aren't averse to them. As such, if you're planning a bucks night don't write off the fun that accompanies musical themes.

Transport your friend back to their favourite decade

It doesn't matter whether the bride-to-be can actually remember the '80s or the '90s. If they have a taste for all things Madonna or they love listening to the Backstreet Boys, you owe it to them to create a party bus soundtrack that's suitable. In addition to selecting decade-appropriate music, let the other guests know that they need to match their attire with staple fashion items from the era. If you're feeling really creative, you can ask the party bus company if it's possible to serve relevant food and drinks.

Don't forget to think about cultural themes

Whether you want to pay homage to your friend's culture or you know they adore a certain destination, you can use a country's traditions to inspire your party bus experience. For example, if they're longing for a trip to Rio de Janeiro, go heavy on the carnival attire and ensure they drink plenty of Caipirinhas. If you're feeling extra creative, consider taking them on a trip around the world. It'll take some serious planning, but serving drinks and playing tunes that change with each bar your party bus stops at is a great way to introduce variety that's memorable. Even better still, aim for bars, clubs and restaurants that have cultural themes that complement your efforts.

Whether you're going with a hens night bus hire or bucks party bus hire, you shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to make their experience extra special. Remember to take plenty of photos to mark the occasion and don't forget to agree the finer details with your fellow hens in advance of the big night.


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Planning Your Next Vacation in Australia

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