Planning Your Next Vacation in Australia

Planning Your Next Vacation in Australia

How Can You Find Accommodation on A Budget?

by Tara Hawkins

Are you on a budget and looking for cheap accommodation? There are plenty of budget-friendly options available but only if you know what to look for, where to look, and when to look for it. Below are some practical tips to make your search for budget rental accommodation easier.

Book for The Off-Peak Season

Most types of accommodation have a peak and an off-peak season. Prices during the off-peak season are usually lower because of the low demand for accommodation. Therefore, if your schedule permits, consider booking your intended accommodation during the off-peak season. This often works well for travellers with no tight schedules. Remember that peak/off-peak season is associated with not only the month of the year but also the day of the week. For instance, there are chances of finding cheaper accommodation on Sundays. Most people go out on Friday and Saturday nights, which means the demand for accommodation is likely to be high. Mid-week can also be a good time to find cheaper accommodation. However, this may depend on the location. For instance, if you are in a large city, accommodation may not really be cheap at this time. That's because of the possibility of a large number of business travellers from Monday through Friday.

Consider Shared Apartments or Suites

This is also another way to spend less on your accommodation especially when you are travelling with a large number of people such as family members or a group of friends. Sharing the costs of an apartment, a rental room, or a suite will be cheaper than spending in a separate hotel room. An added advantage of these apartments is that most of them come with multiple amenities or facilities such as a full kitchen where you can self-cater on your meals.

Hostels Are Also an Option

Hostels are thought to be something of younger people. However, they can actually be an excellent accommodation for people of all ages. They are generally cheaper than hotel rooms and while many people tend to be sceptical about spending a night in a hostel because of the belief that hostels are a dormitory kind of accommodation, modern hostels have several options to offer ranging from singles and doubles to small rooms designed for couples or solo travellers.

Consider Short Term Rentals

Short-term rentals often allow travellers and other people seeking to spend a couple of days in the area to stay in small furnished apartments. Most of these rentals are usually cheaper than hotel rooms and come with more amenities.


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Planning Your Next Vacation in Australia

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